RuufPay Wallet Expands to Support Ethereum Network


We are excited to announce that RuufPay is expanding to include Ethereum network support. This means that our users can now purchase thousands of Ethereum tokens using popular payment methods like ACH debit and Apple Pay.

This is a major milestone for RuufPay and represents our commitment to providing a seamless and convenient experience for our users. By expanding to the Ethereum network, we are making it even easier for people to buy, swap, earn, and pay rent with cryptocurrency.

In addition to adding support for the Ethereum network, we are also upgrading our system to provide even more seamless crypto transactions for our users. This includes enhancing our on/off ramp capabilities and making other improvements to the RuufPay platform.

We are confident that these updates will provide an even better experience for our users and make it easier for them to join the growing world of crypto. Thank you for your support as we continue to innovate and improve the RuufPay platform.

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