Your funds ONLY

 Since RuufPay is self-custodial, your private keys are securely encrypted on your device. You're the only one that can access your wallet by using your keys, biometrics or password you create. RuufPay has absolutely no way to touch any user private keys, nor do we have the desire to do so. Centralized entities defeat the entire purpose of crypto

Complete Privacy

We prioritize the privacy and security of all users. We do not track any personal identifiable information, account addresses, or asset balances. Instead, we rely on the protection of your private keys to secure your wallet and keep your information confidential

Smart contract audits

Smart contracts are used to facilitate reliable and secure transactions on the blockchain. Our smart contracts are either open source or have been audited by QuillAudits, a highly respected smart contract auditing firm that focuses on detecting vulnerabilities. RuufPay is committed to provide all users with the highest level of trust and security. You can view our audits here.

Application Bug Testing

We are pleased to announce that QAWERK's testing confirms the absence of bugs or issues in RuufPay. This is a reflection of our steadfast dedication to delivering a dependable, safe, and user-friendly product to our users. Ruufpay remains committed to providing an exceptional and reliable experience to all users. You can view the report here.