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RuufPay meets RuufCoin

Ruufcoin Contract

Rewards for using RuufCoin

Rewards are distributed by delegating or locking up crypto holdings to earn rewards. Check our audit report!

What is the RuufPay Protocol?

The RuufPay Protocol is a blockchain startup aiming to bridge the gap between crypto and real estate.

What does RuufPay want to accomplish?

RuufPay is working on creating decentralized user-centric infrastructure geared towards crypto and real estate-related payments.

What is the RuufPay Wallet?

The RuufPay Wallet is a non-custodial mobile crypto wallet that also acts as a real estate management service for tenants and landlords. While the RuufPay Wallet serves as a convenient method for users to hold their RuufCoin and earn staking rewards, it’s also geared towards an easy on and off ramp experience for real estate payments including paying rent and in the future, utility payments and mortgage installments.

Why should users use the RuufPay Wallet if they can just send their crypto to their landlord?

Tenants can send crypto to their landlords as rental payment but the reality is that most landlords do not want crypto due to the difficulties that come with it such as needing fiat to pay property bills. We are building a simple crypto to fiat gateway within the mobile wallet for users to earn, pay and receive rent in both crypto and fiat.

What cryptocurrencies can I hold on the RuufPay Wallet?

RuufCoin, Matic, Ethereum, any ERC20 token and many more to come.

How much can users earn for staking their RuufCoin?

Users can earn up to 18.32% annually for staking their RuufCoin.

What is RuufCoin ($RUUF)?

RuufCoin is RuufPay’s native payment token.

What type of token is RuufCoin?

RuufCoin is an ERC-20 token that operates on the Polygon Chain.

Why are you on the Polygon Chain and not the Ethereum Chain?

Gas fees are currently too high for transactions for many users. Gas fees are much cheaper on the Polygon chain.

Where can I purchase RuufCoin ($RUUF?)

RuufCoin is available on RuufPay Wallet, Sushiswap and Coinsbit.

What is the RuufPay Web Staking?

We launched our own web staking application for users to earn rewards for being RuufCoin supporters. Users can link up decentralized wallets such as Metamask to the RuufPay Web Staking protocol to begin earning rewards today.

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